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My name is Rhonda and I live on a small hobby farm in Hyrum, Utah. We have goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and one very bossy white goose. 
    My husband and I have 4 children but now they have all flown the coop!  We are happy that they are all grown-up and independent but we are finding it just a little too quiet and peaceful.


As a career, I was a Special Education teacher and then a Library Media teacher.  For many years my thoughts, efforts and time went into that profession.   

Now I find myself increasingly going back to revisit subjects that interested me while I was growing up. One of these that is quite sentimental, is quilting and embroidery. 

It is quite a mystery as to what one remembers vividly. The memory of my Grandma Duffin teaching me how to start a Crazy Quilt, is very clear in my mind.  I must have been about 12.  It is a happy memory and I find myself wanting to pick up sewing again, to make something lovely.  

  English Paper Piecing (EPP), appliqued quilts and embroidery are my favorites. 
What do you find yourself drawn to?