40 Years of Yellowstone Park

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August 25, 1977
 Forty years ago this month, my husband and I went to Yellowstone Park on our honeymoon.  We were just two college students living on pancakes and Top Ramen, trying to graduate from college.
It was a hot August but when we got to the park, it turned cold...and as we set up our tent, snow started to fall.   BRRRRRR
August 25, 2017

So not to skip ahead.... but 40 years later my husband did something very sweet. He called Yellowstone Park and booked 2 nights at Old Faithful Inn. The weather was perfect and the Inn was incredibly beautiful. 
We wistfully remembered bygone times and wished just a little, that 40 years had not gone by so fast.  Sigh.

Old Faithful Inn was built in 1903-1904.
Inside of Old Faithful Inn
Old Faithful Inn has such a history to it!  It was fun going on a tour that told us all about it.

What we did:
  •  watched the famous geyser go off from the balcony, while sipping hot cocoa. 
  •  ate a delicious potluck in the Inn's fancy restaurant. (which we learned on our tour,  would have required a ballgown for me and fancy tuxedo for my husband, if we had been one of the rich Europeans that visited in the early 1900's)
  • met many friendly people from all over the world, while playing board games at night in the lobby
Bluebell Pool at Left Thumb
When we could pull ourselves away from our fascinating lodgings, we had fun watching the wildlife and the breathtaking scenery.
The only thing we did not see the second time around were the amazing mountain goats.

 This was the only goat I found at Yellowstone Park this time.  It was my anniversary present from my husband.  He knows me pretty well.

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  1. It sounds lovely! I really like the two photos 40 years apart.