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Say! Little Hen has kindly invited anyone to join a fun link-up, to post pictures of what they created in 2016.   She is leaving the link-up open until 1st January 2017 AEST, so no matter what time zone you are in, you can post your link anytime on December 31st. 

Thank you for the invite! It made me happy to put together a little collage to visually see what I have sewn in 2016.   

Starting at left top corner: 
  • heating pad cover made from an unfinished quilt,
  • pillows made out of old Pottery Barn placemats,
  • pillow pocket that can hold a book,
  • hexagon clasp purse,
  • Kleenex cover with English Paper Pieced tumblers,
  • more embroidered dolls made from Hillary Lang's free pattern at (my family did this for a service project in 2015 and tucked them into new microfleece blankets to give anonymously at a shelter),
  •  sampler salvaged from an unfinished Ebay purchase
  •  a vintage planter pincushion with Elea Lutz's darling fabric and 
  • another sampler from Ebay that I washed, put the binding on and attached a ribbon.

I am not sure that this particular pincushion was done in 2016.  See those planters on the shelf above my sewing machine?? I kind of went a little crazy and made quite a few in the last several years. 

Most aggravating project this year was: 
 The sampler salvaged from a $2.99 Ebay purchase.  It was so sadly unfinished and unloved...dirty behind an ugly thick black frame.   I picked out my sewing so many times on the little swan that I was afraid the material would shred.  So, it will stay as is.

The most inspirational discovery this year was - 
Creative artists that are so willing to share and encourage each other, makes our world feel like a smaller, kinder and a more giving place!    It gives a person courage to keep trying.   So cheers to a new year of creativity, friendship and not giving up! 

3 comments on "My Makes of 2016"
  1. Hello Rhonda!
    Thank-you so very much for joining in. All of your makes are gorgeous. I love that you gave the sampler a new home and finished it off - your swan looks perfect.

    I hope you have a wonderful, creative 2017 filled with good things! x

  2. What beautiful makes! I love that you've also listed the most aggravating project of the year - we all have them, don't we!

  3. These are all so beautiful and very inspiring! I love your choice of colours.