Common Threads

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11:00 PM

 Ringing in the new year seemed perfect this year. 

  It was one of those days that will be fun to pull out of my memory and think back on, in future years.  There was plenty of good food, laughter and interesting banter going back and forth between my husband and I.   

It turns out that several weeks ago, the Bernina Sewing Shop had donated some cute doggie and kitty fabrics to the local animal shelter.   

My nephew's wife is the coordinator for volunteers and fundraising at the shelter.   On Christmas Eve, she brought over the material, saying that we could do whatever we wanted with it.  Until yesterday, the fabric just sat in the bags.  We pulled it out last night and started planning and pinning. 
We headed for bed in the wee small hours in the morning, only to jump up to sew away today.   We completed 4 quilts.   We figure there is enough fabric to make 7 more quilts, but that is enough for today.  

We are sleepy!  

Goodnight and Happy New Year!