Common Threads

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11:00 PM

 Ringing in the new year seemed perfect this year. 

  It was one of those days that will be fun to pull out of my memory and think back on, in future years.  There was plenty of good food, laughter and interesting banter going back and forth between my husband and I.   

It turns out that several weeks ago, the Bernina Sewing Shop had donated some cute doggie and kitty fabrics to the local animal shelter.   

My nephew's wife is the coordinator for volunteers and fundraising at the shelter.   On Christmas Eve, she brought over the material, saying that we could do whatever we wanted with it.  Until yesterday, the fabric just sat in the bags.  We pulled it out last night and started planning and pinning. 
We headed for bed in the wee small hours in the morning, only to jump up to sew away today.   We completed 4 quilts.   We figure there is enough fabric to make 7 more quilts, but that is enough for today.  

We are sleepy!  

Goodnight and Happy New Year! 

100 Random Things

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10:17 AM

100 Random Things

  1. I love popcorn.
  2. Ballet dancing was my passion as a child.
  3. I like to analyze things.
  4. Packing a suitcase is NOT fun...I procrastinate and then forget stuff.
  5. Not a night owl at all - Early Bird
  6. I was a humanist, before I ever knew a name for it existed.
  7. My husband and I play Rummicub almost every night while eating dinner. 
  8. I secretly think my 4 children are the best ever to be born.
  9. What stresses me?  Being late
  10. My favorite meal is my husband's spaghetti.
  11. I weigh myself every morning.
  12. What do I like to talk about?  English literature, animals and religion
  13. As a child, I was a very late talker. 
  14. It bothers me when I see a word misspelled.
  15. Reading great poetry is a spiritual experience for me.
  16. When my hair is cut short, I look like a turtle-head.
  17. My children often say very cool things.
  18. Racism, biases and cruelty are alive and well among human beings.
  19. When I was in college, I was in a very bad car wreck.
  20. Thomas Hardy is my favorite author.
  21. A tomato and mayonnaise sandwich is the best.
  22. Cleaning up the kitchen is more enjoyable than cooking the meal.
  23. I rather text than talk.
  24. Driving and flying scare me.
  25. I met my biological father when I was in my 20's.  
  26. TV remote controls drive me bananas!
  27. Gardening always seems worth the time and effort.
  28. There is a certain quilt I have been working on for 20 years now.
  29. The vegetables are better than the meat.
  30. My grandma's homemade cookies and pickles were amazing.
  31. TV often bores me.
  32. Dumb at math - it bores me, too.
  33. Tess of the D'Urbervilles is the saddest book ever written. 
  34. If a picture is hanging crooked, it bothers me.
  35. My Grandpa use to smear horseradish under my meat when I wasn't looking. 
  36. Grasmere, England is the prettiest place in the world. 
  37. When I was little, I use to play Sunday School for hours with my dolls.
  38. My planner is my brain.
  39. I like knowing the names of flowers and plants.
  40. Favorite Book?  David Copperfield
  41. Like everyone else, I think Shakespeare was a flat out genius.
  42. I get car sick, boat sick and air sick - any motion sick. Blah.
  43. My secret: I am the shyest of the shy.
  44. Sometimes I like to suck on green olives.
  45. Historical fiction books bother me - tell me the facts. 
  46. Least favorite house chore? Ironing
  47. I find random acts of kindness very touching.
  48. Don't buy me expensive jewelry!
  49. I chaperoned 33 students to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales for 2 weeks.
  50. Black Widow Spiders scare me more than the average person.
  51. No to being buried - cremate me, please.
  52. Flip flops are comfy.
  53. Saddest movie? CHARLY
  54. Watermelon with salt is the only way to go.
  55. My mom says I have been to every state except Alaska in the U.S. - I don't remember.
  56. I hardly know what it feels like to be bored.
  57. I have been told I am too sensitive.
  58. Even growing up, having faith seemed foreign to me - show me the facts, please!
  59. Decorating and celebrity gossip magazines are fun to read.
  60. Licking the cake batter off the beaters is still a pleasure.
  61. It is hard for me to throw papers away. 
  62. The Portuguese language spoken by Brazilians is very beautiful.
  63. I lived in Brazil for almost 9 months.
  64. When I was hospitalized and on morphine for about a month, I saw my Dad playing the trombone and pigs running around my bed.
  65. My mom, sis and I saw the movie The Sound of Music 7 times.
  66. First record album ever bought?   Jimi Hendrix 
  67. I was raised with Big Band Music. 
  68. I like to envision what it was like to live in different periods of history. 
  69. Favorite movie? My Left Foot
  70. Both of my hips have been replaced with artificial titanium - result of a car wreck.
  71. Favorite color? Green
  72. Eggplant is ga-ross.
  73. I once saw a girl get her finger cut off.
  74. Pecans taste better than walnuts. 
  75. The first computer I ever saw was in college - it took up a whole room.
  76. Joni Mitchell songs are poems.
  77. Taking pictures is lots of fun!
  78. Cotton sheets only, please.
  79. When I was a teenager, my step dad had to go to Vietnam for 2 years.
  80. I loved dancing and touring with the International Folk Dancers at Ricks and BYU.
  81. I am a herbivore.  
  82. I play the piano, but not well.
  83. Don't make me sleep in total darkness!
  84. Wherever I live, I have to plant Lavender.
  85. Pots of Geraniums by the front door are welcoming.
  86. I was on the TV show  Romper Room
  87. What I can spend a lot of money on? Perfume
  88. I get paid to try to get junior high students to enjoy reading. 
  89. Time flies when I am out with the goats.
  90. Chickens are more entertaining than a movie.
  91. I can’t get enough of key lime pie.  
  92. I love to stitch whimsical embroidery.
  93. I don't go anywhere without a book and/or sewing kit.
  94. I was on the water ballet swim team in high school. 
  95. Peppermint tea and toast with marmalade bring me joy!
  96. Old English roses are my favorite flowers.
  97. Pippi Longstocking hooked me on reading, when I was 7.
  98. I dislike being soft spoken.
  99. I am a truth seeker and love advances in Science.
  100. Feeling the sun on my back is therapeutic.