Travel Organizers

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2:13 PM

     A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place - that is a great rule for not wasting time, right?   Nothing is more frustrating than frantically looking for an essential item - all the while knowing you will probably be late, because of that item being lost. 
    Often used items, such as scissors, pencils, eyeglasses and lipstick are worth buying extras of and keeping them in various locations.

    This is my quite old and much used organizer I keep in my car.  

It is an absorbent terrycloth roll that stays in my glove box, for "just in case".    It usually holds toothbrush and paste, sunglasses, emery boards and lip gloss.        When it looks a little dingy, I take out my items and just toss it in the washing machine,  along with the rest of my laundry.  Then I think for a minute if I need to add or subtract anything before replacing my items and putting it back in my car.    

These would be nice for a college dorm room, sleepovers, camping or to throw in a your suitcase for your next business trip or vacation.  
Toiletries are one use but they are also fun for tools or sewing kits.  It could also keep an MP3 player, cords, a charger, headphones and phone all in one place.