Hexie Love

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11:30 PM

  Do you sometimes find your hands idle and wish you were creating something?   Maybe something to do while waiting at the doctor's office or watching TV?  

    I personally like working with hexagons because of the immediate reward they give.  It is very self satisfying to spend just a few minutes basting - and ta-da, you have something cute!

If you have never worked with hexagons before, they are easy peasy. 
The blog, PrettyByHand, has such a nice tutorial.  If you need hexagon templates, you can find some different sizes here.

Hexagons are the perfect "grab and go" project.  I like making up zip lock bag kits ahead of time, to throw in my car's glove box or behind a couch cushion.  Then, I just grab it to start sewing while I watch CNN or waiting in my car for someone or something.