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What makes a person find themselves attracted to certain colors while at the same time, disdaining others?   I wonder why.    
     My mother recently redid her condominium and chose the colors green, grey and purple.   It sounded strange and I was not so anxious to see how it turned out. 

When I finally did visit, I liked it much better than I thought I would.  At the same time, I knew I would never choose the same color palette.  There is just something about green and purple used together, that does not appeal.

I  have always loved  white and the color green together.  But lately I have been attracted to the color scheme of blue and pink, especially in a bedroom.  It seems to be popular now, especially in Scandinavian countries.  I am attracted to the simple look they have adopted.     

It use to be that a couple would save up, and purchase a "bedroom set".  The bed posts, armoire, nightstands and dressers would all be made out of the same wood, stained with the same shade.   That mode of decorating has somewhat  gone away.  I say, "Good riddance"!  

 Cath Kidston, the English designer, has been responsible for some of the changes made in home decor.   She goes for bare wooden floors,  flowers, birds and little chippy cups.  Her way of  thinking, is mine, too.  Her items bring a little ray of happiness, wherever they are  placed.  

        I once read that when decorating, think of your home as a landscape.  Just as you would look out of a window to see a beautiful scene in nature that feeds the soul, so should the inside landscape of a house be.  

    Ikea is another huge success story and has changed the landscape in many households.   Their philosophy consists of, "change it up and make it yours".   It is fun to have a home reflect the love and interests of the owners who occupy it.  In our home it consists of quilts,  many books, animals, vintage samplers and items brought back from England, our favorite place to travel.

    William Morris said,   'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.'  If you believe that life is short and meant to be enjoyed, this is an important philosophy.  

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