Would Make A Lovely Gift

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2:18 PM

 So almost everyone has a heating pad, right?  They come in really handy for occasional aches and pains. Sometimes I even wrap mine around my feet when I have Popsicle toes.   They are also  handy to put under the covers when you are cold and your partner is not! 


 The problem is that they have an ugly cover.  One side is really not too bad usually being plain blue but the other side has got little ugly writing all over it, which is hard to read and can't bring anyone any joy. 
So I have been making cute covers - a kind of little pillowcase out of fabric that makes it fun to keep your heating pad out  in the open instead of stashing the ugly thing behind a cushion.   It is nice to slip the cover off and throw it in the wash every week or two.

To the left, is a picture of the first one I made.  My sweet husband made it a point to "eww" and "ahhh" over it, which made me want to give it to him the next week when he got a muscle spasm in his back.  It sits like a pillow on his chair in our bedroom.  Since the colors go with our bedspread, it looks like it fits there.

The one to the right was my next attempt.  It was made out of a "cutter quilt", which is worn out in the middle but not on the sides. My sis seemed to like it when she came to visit.

The next week, I got a sad call from my Dad, who had to go to the hospital for pneumonia.   He has loved to play golf since he was on the team in high school.  So I chose this flannel fabric below, to make him one, too.  I hope it sends a message of love and caring when it arrives and he opens it. 

Then my savvy girlfriend called from back East and asked what I was up to.   She suggested they would sell well on ETSY.com.  I promptly made three of them out of the pre-quilted fabric below. They worked up really fast.   I opened up my little online store and much to my surprise, one promptly sold!

The next one is King Size and uses more fabric.  It was made for my husband's boss and his adorable wife.  It is also a thank you present for all the times they have invited us over for delicious dinner parties.  They like the out of doors, and have snow mobiles and a 4-wheeler.   It is also  out of a flannel material.    I hope they like it this winter, especially when they take their motor home out camping.