Meet Frizzie and Lizzie

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     Please meet Frizzie and Lizzie (Lizzie's picture is with no caption)  - purchased today from an ad on KSL, a local newpaper.  To the right is a copy of the ad.  
 Bantam Cochin Hens
Hyrum, UT   84319   |   Jul 25, 2013

I have 2, one year old red bantam cochin hens for sale. One is frizzle the other is smooth. The smooth cochin is currently broody. $10 each. 


 I have been wanting one of these lovely ladies  since enjoying 
 "The Daily Rachel", a picture taken of a red bantam cochin frizzle
Rachel and her boyfriend, Blaze. 
 on an awesome blog, called  The Chicken Chick.
The Daily Rachel
The Daily Rachel.
 Can you blame me??   
Don't you love their 
"windswept" look?  
They must keep a 
hairdryer hidden 
in the barn.  
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