Digital Ethnography???

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This video clip is  fascinating! I looked up ethnography because I did not know the definition. It is the study and systematic recording of human cultures. So, I guess each time a person clicks on a certain website, he/she is making the tiniest digital imprint, of what interests us as human beings. If you look at the big picture, all the billions of clicks we do as a society, paints a picture of what we are all about.
Web 2.0 allows us to become involved in what we learn by collaborating and exchanging information. We are not limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for us, in an html document. Web 2.0 allows our students to become actively involved in the creative process of learning. It allows us all to listen to others, gather information and then conclude what we personally feel is right, instead of being spoon fed information. We can do this through social-networking sites, blogs, wikis and video-sharing sites.
Along with learning, the added benefit of listening and communicating with each other and trying to understand how and why another person feels the way he does, will help us feel more connected and have more empathy.
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