Inspiration Amid Fragility

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In searching for examples of collage quilts on Pinterest, I stumbled upon the inspirational Australian artist named Louise Saxton.   She creates works of art using only scraps of sewing material, such as colored lines, cuffs and ruffles. She fixes each piece of fabric on an almost transparent tulle using tiny pins.


According to the artist, the fragility of the pieces are designed to point out the vulnerability of the
of the traditional techniques of embroidery and the exotic animals they portray. Both threaten to disappear with time. For Louise Saxton, the feeling of loss of this legacy is imminent.

Coats and Coverings

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      I was surprised to learn from my favorite blogger Flossie Teacakes, that a majority of people really don't care if most things around the house have a label slapped on it.    I am one of those odd people that notices things like that.  I will be happily washing my hands and my eyes will inadvertently wander to the DIAL label on the plastic soap bottle.    I want to stash the little bottle under the sink so I don't have to stare at it!
Not only that, sometimes you have to live with a color that you would never choose.  Purple, orange  and yellow are not colors that I have ever decorated with.   Yet those are the colors that seem to crop up on tissue boxes and even vacuum cleaners.  
I love the look of glass jars filled with rice, flour or even laundry detergent.  It brings me genuine pleasure to pour honey or maple syrup into a shiny glider bottle.  Some things are easy to decant but others are easier, just to cover.  
 So next, enters the lure of the donning of coats on various items.   Tumblers are an easy fit.  The fussy cutting is fun and a little quilting makes them sort of puffy. These below are 1 inch tumbler paper pieces sewn into strips.  Four strips cover a tissue box rather nicely.

   Watch out though, because donning coats on things can get pretty addictive!   There is the added portability benefit of grabbing this project for a trip in the car, too.   Friends seem to like them for presents - so it's all good.   For now, I will keep my needle, thread and tumbler handy and ready to grab and go.

Makes Of 2017

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Before January comes to a close in just 3 more days, it still seems not too late to post my sewing projects from last year.  My thoughts were that I had not done much sewing in 2017 and wouldn't have enough to put in my little collage squares. 
It made me happy to put together my little annual collage and visually see what I had sewn in 2017.    

Starting at left top corner: 

  • January - Happy Flower Quilt Blocks 
  • February - close-up of my In The Window, at the Sue Daley workshop
  • March - Bird Pillow
  • May -  Clamshells 
  • June - Low Volume Hexagons
  • July - Embroidery & Applique Bonnet Bird
  • August - Tenderness Quilt Blocks
  • November - Fun Hexies  

     Always in the middle of things is my pal Marley, announcing 2017.                         

January - The year started out with me joining the Happy Flower Quilt Sew-Along but when it came out that you could purchase the entire quilt already printed on fabric, I felt disenchanted.   It's all good though because the blocks I made, are turning into a chair cover and bringing me joy whenever I sit down. :)

Happy Flower Quilt Blocks

February - Then, much to the astonishment of our little farming community, the acclaimed Sue Daley (from Australia, no less) of Busy Fingers Patchwork  held a workshop at our local quilt shop.   What fun we had as every quilter's project started to materialize, all so varied and different than the next!   Sue also persuaded us to use a size 11 Milliner's needle and finer thread for our projects.   This has helped my stitches "sink into the seam".

March - When we were turning the corner into warmer weather and all the excitement of Spring, I spied the cutest pillow on  Nana Company's Blog.
Who could resist when it was this cute?   My piecing is finished so you can see how my fabric fit in with the coming season.  

May - My friends at Sunny Day Supply showed me how adorable clamshells could be.  I had to buy some of their adorable fabric to make my project just as cute.

 June - Alas, then I got sidetracked in seeing some low-volume hexagons on Instagram.  My needle magically sidetracked!  My new laptop needed a cover and this seemed "just the ticket". 

July - I needed a bird for the pocket of my purse.

August - I discovered the Tenderness quilt pattern and had to try a curved seam on my English Paper Piecing

November  - The Bunnies and Cream fabric by Laura Nash had been a purchase of mine in the summer.  Even in November I was still enchanted with how fun they were to fussy cut. 

In looking back now in January of 2018,  I realize that starting some really cute projects, was so much fun last year.  My weakness was actually finishing them!   That leads me to my New Year's Goal - 

'Don't start anything else until unfinished projects are completely done'.

Wish me luck!